“I highly recommend Jason as a mediator. Mutual clients tell me he is a fantastic mediator, and I personally know him to be a great guy.” Keith Kubik, Kubik Mediation Group.

“Thank you so much for you invaluable assistance in getting this case settled.  I will recommend you highly.”  Insurance Company Senior Counsel, regarding online mediation.

“Jason mediated two cases that seemed unlikely to settle without his efforts. As a mediator, he intrinsically connects with people on both sides of an issue, and introduces creative ideas to bridge the gap.  I recommend Jason and look forward to working with him again.”  Thomas B. Nedderman, Floyd, Pflueger & Ringer, P.S.

“Jason is a thoughtful, hard-working and effective mediator. He does not give in when a settlement looks difficult–even impossible–to achieve. Two of the most important characteristics of an effective mediator are preparation and follow-through, and Jason is terrific at both.”  Mark Wilner, Gordon Tilden Thomas & Cordell LLP.

“Jason has my highest recommendation. He gets difficult cases resolved in a timely manner, allowing people to go forward with their lives.”  Bill Pickett, The Pickett Law Firm.