How We Work Together

Here’s how we work together

I am motivated by an honest desire to serve parties on all sides of a dispute­­ with intellect and empathy. As a mediator, I move disputes towards satisfying resolution by listening to each party’s story and helping frame their positions in a way that can be best understood by those involved.


Define the Problem.

Mediation allows us to become a problem-solving team with everyone working toward the same goal: a settlement that will allow the parties to move forward with their lives. My role is to facilitate conversations the parties are finding difficult to have directly to identify and overcome barriers to settlement.


Connect the Dots.

We explore the details of your case to make sense of all the pieces and assess potential outcomes. I bring decades of experience in a variety of legal issues to every mediation. This means I’m equipped to provide valuable perspective and guide meaningful communication and strategic negotiation to propel the conversation forward.


Find a Solution.

By helping parties communicate effectively about their issues, disputes can be resolved more quickly and to the mutual satisfaction of those involved. Unlike a trial or arbitration, mediation does not produce “losers”. Instead, mediated agreements often favor all parties—the proverbial “win-win”.


Offer you Flexibility.

As an independent mediator, I can meet the particular circumstances and needs of your situation, whether that be timing, cost, location or other variables, and tailor the process to help reach the best possible solution.