• Half-day mediation: $2000 ($1000 per party)*
  • Full-day mediation: $4000 ($2000 per party)*
  • The above flat fees cover the entire process (intake, pre-mediation conferences, material review, and mediation time.)
  • For mediations of more than 2 parties add $500 per additional party for half-day mediation, $1000 per additional party for full-day mediation.
  • No cancellation or rescheduling fees (Hey, things happen. I get it!)

In addition to the above, I can create customized mediation scenarios and fee schedules based upon the parties desires and/or needs (i.e. “express” mediation, mediation over multiple sessions, via phone, FaceTime, etc., or reduced/waived fees.)

Rosen Resolution can offer access to neutral sites throughout Seattle for mediation or will mediate at any location the parties choose.  I am also a certified rule 39.1 neutral for the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington’s Alternative Dispute Resolution program.

*Half-day consists of up to 4 hours, Full-day consists of up to 8 hours. Additional time will be billed at $400 per hour.

Select Topics for Mediation Services

  • General personal injury/wrongful death
  • Police liability/excessive force
  • Municipal liability
  • Employment discrimination
  • Professional liability (medical, dental, legal, etc.)
  • Construction project owner/contractor liability
  • Construction defect
  • Product liability
  • School district liability
  • Dog bites/attacks
  • Commercial claims
  • Landlord/Tenant matters

My Mediation Philosophy

Mediating is more than just acting as the messenger in the middle of a negotiation. It entails helping people communicate in ways they may not otherwise be able to, in order to solve a dispute. Sometimes cases are relatively straightforward and resolve with ease, but frequently critical issues may not be apparent on the surface. Finding­—and addressing—these issues is often necessary to break an impasse or improve the quality of a final agreement.

Unlike a trial or arbitration, mediation does not produce “winners” and “losers”. In many cases, mediated agreements favor all parties involved. The proverbial “win-win”.

Once the parties have agreed to move forward with mediation, my pre-mediation routine includes discussions with all parties as early as possible to ensure the case is postured for productive negotiations and the best possible resolution.

I am a strong proponent of early mediation. The reasons for early mediation are numerous, and the rationale is sound. Quite simply: If you don’t make an attempt to resolve your conflicts at an early stage, you may eliminate the possibility of reaching the best solution. However, it is never “too late” to mediate, as many cases are settled “on the courthouse steps” even when the parties may think attempts to negotiate will be futile.

Mediation is an art and, like artists, mediators have unique styles molded by their background, personality and training. Selecting the right mediator for the particular case is important, and there are numerous factors to consider. I fully appreciate the importance of selecting an appropriate mediator, and offer you the opportunity to discuss any case with me before moving forward with a commitment to mediate.