Certified Online Mediator badge.OFFERING SAFE, EFFECTIVE AND CONVENIENT ONLINE MEDIATION.  Your health and safety are of the utmost importance during these challenging times. Rosen Resolution can help maintain normalcy in your mediation needs. Mediations can be conducted with all parties participating remotely via video platforms (Zoom, etc.) For more about my online mediation service, click here. For a complimentary consultation or to schedule a mediation that meets your needs please email jason@rosenresolution.com or call (206) 295-4624.

  • “I highly recommend Jason as a mediator. Mutual clients tell me he is a fantastic mediator, and I personally know him to be a great guy.” Keith Kubik, Kubik Mediation Group.
  • “Jason mediated two cases that seemed unlikely to settle without his efforts. As a mediator, he intrinsically connects with people on both sides of an issue, and introduces creative ideas to bridge the gap.  I recommend Jason and look forward to working with him again.”  Thomas B. Nedderman, Floyd, Pflueger & Ringer, P.S.
  • “Jason is a thoughtful, hard-working and effective mediator. He does not give in when a settlement looks difficult–even impossible–to achieve. Two of the most important characteristics of an effective mediator are preparation and follow-through, and Jason is terrific at both.”  Mark Wilner, Gordon Tilden Thomas & Cordell LLP.
  • “Jason has my highest recommendation. He gets difficult cases resolved in a timely manner, allowing people to go forward with their lives.”  Bill Pickett, The Pickett Law Firm.
  • “Thank you so much for you invaluable assistance in getting this case settled.  I will recommend you highly.”  Insurance Company Senior Counsel, regarding recent online mediation.

In the world of costly, time-consuming and unpredictable litigation, mediation frequently offers a better alternative to taking a case to trial.  I offer effective, efficient professional mediation online and in-person. (Rates and more information about my mediation philosophy can be found here.)

My process facilitates meaningful communication and strategic negotiation to settle your case efficiently.  I work diligently and tirelessly to get you there, for as long as you ask me to.

As an independent mediator, I can meet the particular circumstances of your dispute, whether that be timing, cost, location or other variables of mediation, and tailor the process to help you reach the best solution possible.

Schedule a mediation or complementary consultation with me at (206) 295-4624 or jason@rosenresolution.com.  You can read more about me and download my bio here.